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We noticed some differences in features you use and QuickBooks Online

We noticed some differences in features you use and QuickBooks Online

Signed up, signed in, paid, started the transfer process and … uh oh.

I’m sure there’s a table, somewhere, that maps out exactly what you get in the desktop version versus the online version and I bet I even glanced at it. But in the middle of the transfer process, I got this note:

These features are currently unavailable:

  • Price levels
  • Job tracking
  • Custom sales form templates
  • Memorized transactions

I think price levels means that I have a rate of $X/hour for Sally Client but $Y/hour for Clive Customer. Hmm, that could be annoying. Solution: I shouldn’t really have so many rates anyway! Time to clean up my rate sheet.

If I think this is what I think it is then I could be in trouble. Sally Client might have 3 jobs (,, and I want to track those separately, but all under Sally. Is this no longer possible? Is this job tracking?

I’m pretty sure I don’t use custom sales form templates because I don’t think I know what they are. OK on that front.

I do use memorized transactions quite a bit, but if QB Online is supposed to be so synced up with my bank and makes recurring invoicing more streamlined, maybe I won’t need it anymore.

I’ll dig in and we’ll see how it matches up.

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