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Saffron Grill

Saffron Grill

“Medium” was apparently tear inducing. I’m in.

The reviews said the medium was hot. Good.

The reviews said the medium was hot. Good.

On our way home from a long day of soccer and birthday parties, it was time for Indian. There was a voice in the car calling out to me, “Please, make it happen tonight. Maybe a vegetable korma, some warm daal, or at least some masala for the kids.” OK, maybe it was in my head.

There are not too many things higher on my list of joys than Indian food.

The kids had just finished pizza, cupcakes, and who-knows-what else and weren’t terribly interested, but that hasn’t stopped an Indian splurge before. The vegetable korma was different than I’ve ever had: it was lighter in color and seemed to have more, well, vegetables. It wasn’t as creamy as others I’ve had, but was yum nonetheless.

I should just move to India.

The medium spice level wasn’t tear inducing, but it was hot. Still, not that hot. Maybe next time I’ll get the hot and take my chances.


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