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If you work for 12 hours straight, but don’t notice much progress, does it still count?

If you work for 12 hours straight, but don’t notice much progress, does it still count?

Does practice really make perfect?

How about bad practice? How about when you work and work for hours and hours and you’re pretty sure nothing has happened, nothing has improved. In fact, it seems things might be worse than when you started?

Is it time to throw in the towel? Shouldn’t it get easier or better or get ________ something with time? What if you just keep going and going and nothing is better? Maybe it’s time to do something else?

OK, fine, there was some progress. But what if the end goal just looms so large that you can’t even see it? The massive amount of work you accomplished today is a pea compared to a planet?

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.  — Vince Lombardi

Is the goal to become perfect?

What’s your goal?

  • To see improvement?
  • To become perfect?
  • To just practice?
  • To have fun?

If you miss a shot in basketball, your mind registers more learning than if you make it. If that’s the case, then you’re learning more by missing shots than by making them.

But if I just keep packing the boxes, filtering through the stuff, without an end in sight, will it ever be done? Do I need to speed it up? Does it matter in the end? What’s the goal? What’s the point?

Oh yeah, we’re moving. So if we’re out of here by June 9, is that success? Is there “bad” moving and “good” moving? Are boxes packed better than other boxes? What am I learning in the process? Do I learn more from a poorly packed box than a proper one? When oh when is it going to end?

On June 9.

Does bad practice count as progress?

Does bad practice count as progress?

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