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World Cup Holiday

World Cup Holiday

Sure, you could travel to the host country, but what about just a tour of wide-screen TVs?

You don't even need an airline ticket, just a cafe. [Wiesbaden, Germany for thrashing of Brazil in semi-final.]

You don’t even need an airline ticket, just a cafe.

Going to Brazil and seeing some of the matches in person sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime adventure (although I know there are people who go to all world cup host countries every four years). But what about just a haphazard tour of a few countries who are in the race for the cup? I was in Holland then Germany and, quite accidentally, we were in Wiesbaden for Germany vs. Brazil. It was a thrashing, but the German fans went nuts and loved it.

We made it back to Holland for their own 3-0 over the host Brazil so could take off our #8 Ozil shirt and swap it out for the orange and Robben shirt and orange scarf.

But what about a European tour? Or a South American tour? Say you wanted to go to a bunch of those countries anyway, plan at least part of your trip on the schedule and be in the home country of a team playing and root together with the locals.

I’m probably out of my mind and just got really lucky with a few games this year, but it sounds like something fun to me. I’m sure it exists and I just don’t look at those travel boards to see what’s available. I just went to visit a friend near Wiesbaden and happened on a cafe with a monster screen and friendly German fans. I suppose I should head back over the German border as they’re taking on Argentina in … 10 minutes. Viel Spass!

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