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If You Can’t Find Something to Write About, Write About Something

If You Can’t Find Something to Write About, Write About Something

It’s not a finite source, like oil. It’s more like sand, but there’s just so much of it that it can be overwhelming as to where to start … or finish.

There’s an endless supply of things to write about. I suppose that’s not the issue, sure, there are topics, but what do you choose? What’s your angle? Why write it? Whom do you write it for?

I’m also finding the Draft posts that I started at some point, but never finished. In a way, it’s a writing exercise in itself to finish up a thought that I had ages ago.

I’d like to write about a photo on a regular basis. I find photos so fascinating, pleasing, and just plain enjoyable. I like taking photos and I like looking at them. I’m sure if I could paint, I would also appreciate the beauty there, but photography is what I have available to me.

The photo below is from a strange plant in the Arizona desert. For me, it looks like it should really be under water. Maybe some time ago, it was. It looks like seaweed or at least those plants you see in the undersea documentaries. But here on the ground, we get to see it up close and watch it zig and zag into the blue sky of the desert.

What is there to write about? How about a strange plant and its origins? How are plants different under water and in the air? Do plants have histories like humans (and apes) where you can see that plants used to be like this or that, but have adapted over the years? I’m no historian, botanist, or even close, but if you open your eyes (or even close) them just just a moment, there is certainly something to write about. If you don’t know about what you see, even better, you can learn about it, then write about it.

Topics are endless and your perspective is unique.

Topics are endless and your perspective is unique.

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