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$638.70 Was Just Deposited Into My Bank Account–And I Don’t Know Where It Came From

$638.70 Was Just Deposited Into My Bank Account–And I Don’t Know Where It Came From

But I Can Guess

I’m sure that post title sounds really click-bait-y but I honestly don’t know where it came from.

The name of the company (Newfold Digital, Inc.) seems to own (or represent?) a bunch of companies but I don’t know where this money came from–although I have some idea.

Surprise Affiliate Income

I’m a big fan of being an affiliate for companies (or people or products). If that word “affiliate” doesn’t mean much to you, think of a commission or a “cut” of sales. In other words, I recommend a certain product, someone uses my link, and I earn a percentage of the money.

I only represent products I use and/or know well and would wholeheartedly recommend. So, it’s easy. It’s natural.

Why not make some money doing it?

There you have it.

Although I can’t remember (or figure out … yet) where this money came from, what if you had a more conscious strategy for becoming an affiliate for a company or person or products and services you believe in.

“Gee, Bradley, that sounds great, but what products are out there that I can become an affiliate for?”


I reward the participants in my courses and the readers of my books with a chance to help promote the brand. If they share a link that leads to one of my courses or programs, they can earn a commission.

It’s that simple.

Want to know more?

Check out the Repossible Ambassador Program.

Now, I’m going to go dig around a bit more and see if I can figure out where that $638.70 came from.

P.S. Want to hear how crazy this can get? Read “The $20,335 Recurring Passive Income Post.”

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