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Amazon Music

Amazon Music

I couldn’t get my large MP3 from my computer to my phone via iTunes Match. Amazon Music to the rescue.

Easy to organize files and MP3s.

Easy to organize files and MP3s.

I don’t know how iTunes Match decides when it uploads new music to your cloud. Maybe it does it immediately, or when you have some open bandwidth or on a set schedule. I have no idea. But it wasn’t happening before my train trip and I wanted this MP3 for the next week and didn’t know how to get it onto my phone.

I’ve tried:

  • USB: but can’t add any audio because I’m set up with iTunes Match.
  • File Manager app: I’ve read that these exist with various successes. I moved along.
  • iTunes Match: yes, did this, got the audio onto my iTunes on my laptop (Mac), but they just sit there until, someday I suppose, they’ll be matched with the cloud and then available on my phone. Right?
  • Amazon Drive to Amazon Music: I gave this a try, but couldn’t figure out if it was possible.
  • Dropbox: this works great if you have an Internet connection (which I knew I wouldn’t).
  • Evernote: there was an option from Dropbox to export to Evernote and I did, but then Evernote said the file was too large (it was).
  • Save As: I can’t find a way on an iPhone to just save a file. I think it’s easier with photos.

I stumbled on Amazon Music and after I installed an importer app onto my laptop I was able to scan my computer and add exactly what audio I wanted in the Amazon cloud. Uploaded, took some time, but then was available in the Amazon Music app in the cloud and then I downloaded them to my phone (with a single tap) and I had them locally on my phone. Done!

I haven’t much further played with the Amazon Music app, but now that I have it and now that I know that I can use it as something of a file manager, I’ll at least give it a go.

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