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Audiobook with the Lights Off

Audiobook with the Lights Off

Maybe it’s from my past life (in the 50’s) when people listened to radio shows.

This is from my collection of Things I Love to Do in case I ever forget what gives me joy in life. I have plenty of lists of Things I Have to Do and Things I Did, but we need to be reminded of what we love to do. We also need to be reminded to do them.
A wonderful audiobook, complete with sound effects that enhance the story.

A wonderful audiobook, complete with sound effects that enhance the story.

Somehow I don’t think there is a much more gezellig scene than listening to an audiobook at night with the lights off. I found The Invention of Hugo Cabret and we listened to most of it on the 6-hour-plus drive home yesterday. The kids said they didn’t really want to listen, but as with most good intention parenting techniques, when you think they might like it, force it on them and then let them decide. We started early in the morning and after an hour I said I could turn it off. “Nee! Nog niet!” came the cry from the back seat. (No! Not yet!)

Turn off the lights and let your imagination wander.

We arrived home and when going to bed, I suggested just another chapter or two of the book. They both thought it was a great idea. We listened to two chapters and I thought they were both asleep so I quietly said I’d turn it off and we could finish it the next day. “Nee! Nog niet!” came the cries again. We listened more and then suddenly the book was over. I thought there was a part three, but there were only two parts. We all wanted more.

It was purely thrilling to enjoy the book with the boys. They were really into the story and I look forward to finding the next one. But you need some time to get into the story–like a long car trip. I’ll be on the lookout for more audiobooks for kids like this one so we can turn out the lights and open our imaginations.

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