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So, uh, what do you mean by that? No, really.

So, uh, what do you mean by that? No, really.

Did you get a second opinion on what you created?

Did you ask anyone what they thought? Maybe it’s an insider thing. Maybe it’s not meant to be understood. Maybe it’s a joke but I’m not enough of an insider to get it.

I love signs. I could make a book of signs.

What does it mean? I guess, “No dogs allowed.” Or am I missing something? Is it a statement or an observation or maybe just an opinion? I know, here we go, maybe the person who created the sign was just blabbing on and on about dogs (and other nuisances in general) while the sign maker was taking notes or maybe even creating the sign on the fly. Maybe he took it literally and they had a big discussion about how he didn’t really mean to write those words on the sign, but now the sign was already made and he could make a new sign if he wanted and wouldn’t charge him for it but nah, it’s OK, we’ll just go with this one because maybe people will think it’s funny. Or not.

Maybe it didn’t happen like that at all. We’ll probably never know. I think I should ask my local sign maker pro and see what he says.

I’m filing this under … Marketing.

So what's your message exactly? Tact? Thought?

So what’s your message exactly? Tact? Thought?

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