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Balancing technology, nature, and kids

Balancing technology, nature, and kids

Too much of anything isn’t good. Finding the balance is the key.

The kids would probably stay glued to their iPads all day if they could survive without food for that long. Even then, if food is possibly attainable while still playing aforementioned iPad, now we’re into clinical trials of human longevity.

I just realized this I accidentally posted about three of my favorite things: kids, nature, and technology.

They were already tired of our snowy hike by the time we got to the trail. I don’t know about your kids, but they need to be, ahem, “convinced” that they should go on an adventure in the mountains. That is, of course, ahem, cough, if they’re in front of any sort of collection of pixels that move in front of their bleary eyeballs. But once they’re out of WiFi reach, they’re usually amenable to change. Well, as often as most humans are up for change.*

Deep in the forest, I will in inevitably want to take a photo or two. With my spanking new iPhone 6, I’ve been enjoying the new features like Slo Motion and Time Lapse video. With my 11-year old as the director, we looked for something to turn into slo-mo. A thin tree with a fresh layer of powder was our shining star. A solid kick and … you’ll have to see the movie.

* Which is, for the most part, never.

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