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Big 5, Indy, or Self-Publish?

Big 5, Indy, or Self-Publish?

You’d think I’d have an idea. I don’t.

In many ways, I’m “just” a writer. I like writing. No, really, I do. Well, most of the time. Often it’s like jogging, I don’t look forward to it and sometimes the beginning is painful, but once I’m in a groove it’s all good. Then there’s after. Afterwards is always good. Partly because it’s done.

Yes, it’s great to have so many options, but they’re all so confusing.

Yes, it’s great to have so many options, but they’re all so confusing.

David Sterry and Arielle Eckstut know their writing and know their book publishing. They have published numerous books separately, together and for tons of writers. They’re fun to work with and they’ve Been There, Done That in the publishing world.

It’s the greatest time in history to be a writer.  There are more ways now to get published than ever before.  Yes, it’s great to have so many options, but they’re all so confusing.  That’s where The Book Doctors come in, with a prescription for making your book a rousing success. — David Sterry

It’s all so positive and exciting, isn’t it? So what does a writer have to do? Write a book. Oh wait, I did that. I went the self-publishing route for this book, but I just wanted it done and out there. But what about when I get, uh, serious. What do I do then? You’d think I’d know. Sure, I have an idea, just like I have an idea how to drive to New York state (just keep going east). But I don’t really know how to get there, partly because I’ve never done it before.

Is this a shameless plug for their upcoming (like, uh, tomorrow) seminar? Sure. But it’s also a reminder that there are people out there who know more than I do (well, most people know more than I do … ) about the next steps in getting your book out there and you just need to reach out to get started. You wrote your book or at least have started thinking about writing your book and if you want more people to read it than your cousin, brother, and neighbor, you could do worse than getting started with David and Arielle. Have a go, check them out, what do you have to lose?

How to Get Successfully Published TODAY!

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