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Left for blood, right for tranquility.

Left for blood, right for tranquility.

You could also just go straight.

You see the options, you think about which to choose, but maybe the answer is right in front of you. In fact, straight in front of you. Don’t turn at all, you’re already going in the right direction. Don’t even slow down.

There’s left, there’s right, they both seem so appealing in their own ways. They seem like the only options. It’s a crossing, you have to make a decision. But maybe the answer is to not choose. Maybe the answer is to close your eyes (probably not while actually driving) and see where you’re taken. Or stop at the intersection and see where you’re supposed to go. This is all assuming you’re not sure which way. If you’re sure, then you know. If you’re not sure, you’ll doubt, turn, think, overthink, go a bit down one road only to turn around and go down the other. Come back, then start over. It might turn into a seemingly endless loop.

How do we know which way to go?

Bloody Basin Road

Sounds intriguing. At least worth a look! It can’t be dangerous, it’s just a name of a road. What’s the history behind it? Maybe it was a barber shop. Midwifery clinic? Scene of a cowboy shootout in 1842?

Tranquil Trail

Maybe after the cowboys who shot the other cowboy went here afterwards. But maybe it’s a trap: an appealing, alluring even seductive trail that seems obvious especially when the other option is bloody–and a basin. What’s a basin anyway? Doesn’t sound terribly fun. But a trail is happy, easy going.

Hmm, bloody or tranquil: which do you choose?

Hmm, bloody or tranquil: which do you choose?

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