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So much talent hidden in a church in suburb.

North Hollywood production of Cabaret.

North Hollywood production of Cabaret.

I’m certainly no theater critic. But maybe I’m even better: I’m not a theater critic. I’m a theater goer.

My parents treated us to Cabaret in North Hollywood put on by the Crown City Theater.

Talent is just dripping from the stage and it’s so close you might get goo on your shoe.

Maybe I just aspire to be a stage actor. Maybe I’m just so impressed with the talent on the stage that I’m in such awe that I gush with pride that I can be in the audience.

It’s a beautiful setting there in the small church at the other worldly corner of Lankershim and Camarillo in the Los Angeles suburb of North Hollywood. It’s hallway across the globe to Berlin, Germany, but they bring you right there, right into Fraulein’s guest house as if you’re sitting at the table with Mr. Bradshaw himself. Is there nothing more thrilling than small theater where you have to pull in your feet so you don’t trip up the actors?

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