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Celebrate | Book Description

Celebrate | Book Description

You’ve come a long way since Ask and Dare
You have Created wins along the way and learned from your mistakes and failures.
You’re on a higher playing field now. 

It’s time to celebrate. 

The above sequence of events shouldn’t take 27 years. It should happen every single day. 

To celebrate isn’t just popping champagne and shooting off fireworks.

It’s a daily necessity that catapults us to an even higher place the next day

Yet we often forget to do this one simple thing that’s fun, easy, and yet still somehow underrated. 

We need to celebrate.

In best-selling author Bradley Charbonneau’s latest book, you will build up an immunity to nay sayers who never want to relish in anyone’s achievements, figure out when the best time each day is to celebrate to get the most power, and finally when it’s OK to stop while you’re ahead. 

This book contains way more than words on pages. The bonus materials give you free and immediate access to videos and podcasts, interviews and worksheets that enhance, explain and invite you through other media to celebrate. 

In this book, you’ll discover: 

  • ✓ How even a simple smile, quietly and to yourself, at the end of the day can alter your nighttime dreams and have a role in the following day 
  • ✓ Why congratulating someone else on their success reminds you of your own
  • ✓ When is the best time to celebrate (HINT: it’s not every other Thursday)
  • ✓ Who you were when you started and how often to thank that version of yourself for getting you where you are today
  • ✓ How a 0.0% Franziskaner Hefeweizen can still be a party with the right atmosphere

Get CELEBRATE today and don’t let another day pass without some fireworks and a hint of pride.

This is book eleven in the “Repossible” Series.

  1. Repossible: An introductory guide to the question, “Who will you be next?”
  2. Every Single Day: a clear roadmap towards lasting transformation in you
  3. Ask: if life is a multiple choice quiz, this is the answer
  4. Dare: challenge yourself to truly answer the questions and rocket forward
  5. Create: you’re ready to get real about achieving your dream, here’s what to do
  6. Decide: there’s a fork in the road, you’ll now know what do to
  7. Meditate: this is the source of our creativity, power, and direction
  8. Spark: there’s only one thing better than creating: helping someone else create
  9. Surrender: you’ve done your part, it’s time to be invited to the big stage
  10. Play: we’ve risen to a higher level of existence, yet we’ve “descended” to what the kids know is enlightenment 
  11. Celebrate: compare your own today to your own yesterday and revel in the progress
  12. Evaluate: measure how far you’ve come, forecast how far you’ll go
  13. Elevate: now that we’re at the top of the mountain, it’s time to scale up

Ascend the mountain, admire the view, relish the alps in the distance

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

— John Wooden

It’s now early 2020 as I write this. This book is scheduled for January 17, 2021. My own personal elevation is writing this Repossible book series. 

Have I already achieved the “elevation” I’m going to be writing about? 

Yes and no.

Yes because I’m writing this series. Yes because I’m living this series. Yes because I have passed the point of no return. I can’t “go back down” to where I was before. 

No because I’m always ascending, always learning, always on the lookout for a new peak to climb. 

I’m an extremely visual person. I see many things in line graphs (yes, I was a dorky math major at some point). I also tend to see mountains. 

Elevate might get you to the top but what I’m more interested in is what you do when you get there. 

You could choose to: 

  1. Celebrate and go back down from where you came,
  2. Celebrate and ponder where to go next, 
  3. Celebrate and look out over the horizon and take the first step towards it, 
  4. Have a sandwich. 

OK, you could combine #4 with one of the others but for me, and this is relatively recent, I’m mostly doing #3. 

Don’t take this the wrong way. Don’t see this as the endless struggle, the road with no end, the life-long battle. 

I hope I can shed a positive, even playful light on this. 

We celebrate at the top and revel in the feeling that we know we will only go higher. 

We pop the champagne, truly and deeply enjoy the moment, yet still smile quietly to ourselves because we know we have ascended but a single peak in an alpine region of behemoths. 

We know how to Play. We know how to Meditate, to Create, to Spark others. We will no longer descend, we cannot, we don’t even know how to go back from where we came. 

We are now the ascended. 

Oops, I just made us sound divine. 

Wait a minute. Let me check.

Nope, that’s OK. 

We are the ascended. 

We are up there, we choose what to do next, where to go, whom to bring with us. 

What is even more fun than attaining this height is starting the path towards the next one. 

It’s a game, it’s a joy, it’s love. 

We become, we are, we elevate.

  • Possible: descend
  • Impossible: stay
  • Repossible: elevate

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