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Coconut Flour Blueberry Muffins

Coconut Flour Blueberry Muffins

My niece helped me weasel our way through the ingredients and make mistakes by step number 2.

We almost had the ingredients, but that’s not bad considering the nearest town is a half hour by dirt road. I’ve never really understood how to adjust for altitude either. Good thing the only contest we were entering was whether or not our family might eat some.

The main goal was to (1) just make the damn things and (2) work together with my niece. Success!

The Kitchen Aid mixer was, as our electrical testing turned out, shorting out each outlet. Hmm. So it was back to basics: a whisk and people power. OK, no whisk, down to a fork and elbow grease.

We had to dig a muffin tray out of a deep corner of a cabinet and check it for mouse poop. She miraculously found little cupcake / muffin papers (they probably have a name) and even some spray so it doesn’t stick so much. I really don’t know what I’m doing and look up in reverie to super stars of the ovens like Kristen Desmond of Flagstone Pantry.

Once my niece joined me, it became really fun to figure it all out with her. She’s 13 and becoming quite a young lady. Fun to see her grow up. She probably won’t remember making blueberry muffins with her uncle in the Christmas holidays of 2014, but hopefully I will … or at least I’ll remember taking a photo and writing a few lines about it.

They turned out just fine, if a little flat (maybe that’s the altitude thing?). They were a big hit and after our long walk with the dogs (in 32 degree fresh air), they were much enjoyed.

No flour, no sugar, how is this possible? We did it!

No flour, no sugar, how is this possible? We did it!

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