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Deductibles and Out of Pocket Maximums

Deductibles and Out of Pocket Maximums

Is there a time in life when you don’t have to learn stuff you don’t want to learn anymore?

I used to get a kick out of doing my own taxes. I know, math dork. Matching up the numbers, getting it all to work out, learning something new. I have it less now. In fact, there are things I just plain dread.

I want to have one thing on my to do list, do it, and call it a day.

I have odd jealousies of my parents being retired lately. Or of my young kids. Or … of my dog. My dog is happy with his To Do List: eat, sleep, play. Repeat. Sniff some pee. Sounds great.

I don’t want to learn about insurance policies. I don’t want to call the call center and figure out what’s what. I want it to be done. I want to go on a walk.

Someone, might have been in a movie, said of someone who just passed away, “He was a simple man.” But it was meant in a good way, even admiring, envious. What does it mean to be “simple” but in a good way? A cheese pizza is simple–but some people love it. Is simple a bad thing? It sounds pretty appealing to me.

When does the admin end?

When does the admin end?

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