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Do You Have a Petri Dish for Ideas?

Do You Have a Petri Dish for Ideas?

Yesterday I wrote On the House and although I knew it needed some more work, I hit publish as it was the end of the day and I needed to get my daily goodness in. Good story of a good deed and an idea for business (the Freemium model) even for a brick and mortar tire store.

But I knew there was something more to the topic. I think it could be edited and improved and targeted for Repossible as a different slant on a sales strategy. Something came out of my working on it, out of writing about it, that I hadn’t realized when I first thought of the idea. The Cream is becoming my Petri dish to try out new ideas. I’ll work on editing that piece and maybe give it a title that shows how it will help small business owners, for example:

Can a Small Town Mentality Grow Your Business?

In fact, playing around with headlines can be a great way to really dig deep into your topic and see, What are we really talking about here, anyway? I’m going to glance at the article and come up with some more headlines for the future Repossible post.

  • 3 Business Strategies You Can Learn from the Hot Dog Vendor on the Corner
  • How a Tire Garage used an age-old Sales Technique to Rein in the City Slicker
  • What a Corporation Can Learn from the Corner Store
  • Are Corporations Really Just Made Up of Humans?

Wow, might be stretching it a bit far. But hey, I’m in the lab here, I’m allowed to test, to experiment, to have fun with it. When I sit down to take it to the next level, this ground work will pay dividends. But you have to do the ground work. It’s all the easier if you’re in shape, you’re busy with it, you’re working on it. You’re doing it.


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