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Elevate | Are you defined by your past accomplishments (and failures) or by your future goals?

Elevate | Are you defined by your past accomplishments (and failures) or by your future goals?
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Don’t rest on your laurels.

Play” is truly the last step in the Repossible series. Then why Elevate as the last (last) book?

Even if you’ve accomplished everything you had hoped to accomplish in your life, (Really, you have? Let’s talk!), what’s next?

If you’re such a go-getter that you have done so much, reached new milestones, ascended to new heights then there’s a danger of stopping, stalling, and hovering on the level you’re on.

If you’re reading this and thinking something along the lines of:

  • When will it ever end ?
  • Can I never reach the top?
  • I’m already tired at the level where I am, how can I keep it going at higher levels?

Then welcome to the club.

However, there’s another club (membership requires having been in that first club for a while first…) where your current “status” isn’t based on what you’ve done in the past but where you’re heading in the future.

I refer to the answer Arthur Miller gave when asked if he was working on a new book:

“I don’t know but I probably am.”

— Arthur Miller

This might sound odd if you’re just starting out and you’d love to just reach any new level, achieve any of your goals but we have to be careful when we do achieve those goals that they will not be the end of us, the downfall of us, the point where we head downhill from there.

Granted, if you’ve been following along as a Repossible Player, if you’ve been active in, well, taking action, then you’ll know the path is the goal, the destination is the journey, and that practice is perfect.

It can be tricky to stay focused on your current goals if you have so many other, new, fresh, future goals crowding your mind for attention.

But compared to mulling over past achievements and wondering how you’re going to top whatever you did in the past, planning your future elevation, your upcoming projects and goals is a happy place to be.

Practical Example

In my own world, and one you’ll hopefully be able to relate to, after Repossible, I have a dream to create Repossible Kids (or Repossible Teens or some such title) because helping adults is all well and fine but if we can motivate and inspire and teach kids to grow, to give them more internal energy and power, and give them the rocket propulsion we as adults have received from Repossible, giving it to the kids is a much loftier, more important, and possibly much harder goal.

How will it compete with the PlayStation?

So yes, even Repossible is not the end game, the final goal, the big kahuna. It will always be moving, transforming, and growing. Just as we will be.

Elevate: you’re reached the top. Where to from here?

Photo by Mohammad Bagher Adib Behrooz on Unsplash

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