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Give Time You Don’t Have

Give Time You Don’t Have

Run when you’re feeling lazy. Write when you’re uninspired. Give when you have nothing to give.

Giving time to the kids when you don’t have time. Stop your mind with all of your worries. Stop and be a part of the fantasy land of your kids. They want nothing more than your attention. Give them some.

But I don’t have time. No one “has” time.

They’ll soon be asleep and you can get back to whatever it was that you were doing that was so incredibly important that it couldn’t wait. They’ll be in school tomorrow and you can return to your throne. They’ll forget about an hour from now as their world revolves around the now.

Be in their now. Be there now. Be there. Be now.

If you give what you have, it's easy. Give when you don't have anything to give.

If you give what you have, it’s easy. Give when you don’t have anything to give.

P.S. This isn’t easy. At all.

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