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Where do you go when you don’t want to go anywhere?

Where do you go when you don’t want to go anywhere?
Snowy Grand Canyon Panorama

Snowy Grand Canyon Panorama

Things are bad and they’re about to get worse. Where do you go?

Not necessarily on the train or plane, but in your mind, in your imagination, in your thoughts. Where do you escape to? What’s a safe place, a happy place, a place where you have joy and love and smiles. Somewhere you can’t not smile. Something so beautiful or touching or moving or special or personal that you can’t get by it without something of a mood shift.

My life is going through depths I wasn’t sure possible. When I close my eyes, what do I want to see? What’s a place where I can only smile?

The first scene that came to mind was snow. There’s something about the sound of snow. I didn’t grow up with snow, so it’s still magical for me. It doesn’t signify shovels and buried cars on weekdays. It’s more lazy snowflakes and whispering winds and ticklish noses. Yes, it’s all just fairy land for me, but I’m not complaining.

I don’t want to “do” or go or think or anything. How about I close my eyes and see snow? Preferably in the evening when the wind is soft and the street lights are yellow. Maybe we’re done with dinner and walking home to somewhere cozy. See, that’s the thing, when it snows, most everything is cozy. That’s the secret.

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