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Where do you gravitate towards?

Where do you gravitate towards?

When you have no commitments, no plans, no one, no place and only time, where do you end up?

A sequence of unexpected events and I ended up with Pepper at Fort Funston. With nowhere to be and no one to see, we stayed for the sunset.

How could all of those colors be natural?

Of course, the question is rather, “How could be they be anywhere except from nature?”

The photo can’t capture the cool breeze, the overflowing parking lot, the scarcity of people if you know where to hide out in the cliffs, the crash of the waves below, and the changing colors over the water.

What’s my point? What’s my line? What am I getting at?

Nothing. I have nothing more than beauty to share–and even that is in the eye of the beholder. You’ll just have to make a trek to a sunset near you the next time you have no one, no place, time, and no thing.

Warm sunset after a long and beautiful day.

Warm sunset after a long and beautiful day.

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