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The Grit in the Oyster that Creates the Pearl

The Grit in the Oyster that Creates the Pearl

What will be your grit?

We never know, OK, fine, I never know where the pearls are going to come from.

A friend of mine sends me WAY too many YouTube videos and I at least will give him the benefit of the doubt and watch the beginning of them.

As with authors, actors, heroes, or, well, friends and family, certain people are going to resonate with you more or less. This woman, Amoda May, is growing on me.

I can’t always follow the subject but there was one line in this video below that summarized my entire new line of branding: “Worst & First” (of which “How to Write Your Worst Book Ever” is a part).

She said at some point, and I listened again and I’m still not sure really what the context was (nor do I really care), “The grit in the oyster that creates the pearl.”

I see this as your “worst book.”

You “have to” (OK, you don’t have to) create something terrible before you can create something great. The exception is if you’re one of those oddballs who just creates great work all the time. If that’s you, give me a call, I’d like to interview you and introduce you to the Museum of Natural Wonders.

Most authors come to me and they’re stuck. It’s self-doubt or imposter syndrome or perfection stagnation or analysis paralysis or … take your pick of psychosis that holds us back from what we’d truly like to do.

I believe one answer is to make light of it, even make a joke of it, have a laugh not only with ourselves but at ourselves.

In order to get to that second book, that awesome book, if you’re stuck, you might just need to get that first book out of you.

If that sounds like you, then you’re going to like the “How to Write Your Worst Book Ever Challenge.”

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

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