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I Miss (Creative) Writing

I Miss (Creative) Writing

I feel like I’m admitting something, like I’m in AA …

But I miss it. I miss creating things out of nothing. I don’t like doing that, I love doing that. When I’m creating something from nothing, it’s exactly that: I’m a creator. Not in the god sense, well, I suppose so actually: creating something from nothing.

The page was empty. Now it’s not.

The blank page is either intimidating or exhilarating. You either can’t wait to get away from it or can’t wait to get to it. Sure, it’s not always easy (if it were, everyone would do it), but it’s usually fun. So why aren’t I doing it?

It’s mostly a money thing, I suppose. I have to write stuff like this:

OK, OK, I don’t have to write anything, I suppose. Nobody has a gun to my head (yet). But I’ve been doing a ton of work lately. Wow, imagine! What’s it like? Yeah, crazy, I know.

That’s nothing to the level of crazy I miss. You know what I miss? You want to know what I want to know? It’s a little weirded out because, well, ahem, it’s all in my head anyway, right? But here’s what I really want to know and I’ll only find out when I get my writing back:

I want to know what’s going to happen to Dec.

I truly don’t know. He lives in my creative mind, maybe in my subconscious. If I knew, I’d ask him what was going to happen. But I don’t know how to talk with him, he just comes alive through my fingers.

I know Dec is going to get into some trouble, but I’m not sure how much or how deep. I think he knows it, too. He knows he’s more mischievous than the others, more curious, more daring. I don’t know how it happened, it just did. He has a life of his own.

I have a life of my own, too. But it’s in those characters. They know I’m coming back for them, they would just like me to hurry it up a bit. I’m coming soon, boys!

Where are my boys in Markree Castle?

Where are my boys in Markree Castle?

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