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I Never Get Upset for the Reason I Think

I Never Get Upset for the Reason I Think

Quite a statement, isn’t it. I mean, some people even get upset about this statement.

How do I know? Am I qualified enough to know? Does it take a PhD in psychology to know? No, it does not. All it takes is attention and observation. Nobody told us, but our best teacher is always with us and more so–in us. And learning does not take place in the past or the future. It takes place only in the now (or never).

To become more intelligent is not a matter of knowledge.

As a matter of fact, knowledge (however complicated in may be) is just a track in our brain, in our memory. And memory is always of the past, of yesterday. Therefore knowledge is never intelligent. Again, intelligence only operates in the here and now.

To become more intelligent is to mature, to really see what is going on, what is happening. If you become upset about something, anything, it may be triggered by something happening to you on the outside world.

To become more intelligent is to mature.

However, if you stay awake, if you really pay attention and don’t let yourself get carried away by your emotion, then you will see what is really going on: your irritation is not new, it has been with you for some time, securely stored in your memory. And it is your memory that recognizes that irritation your senses perceived from the outside world. It is so easy, not complicated. Observing your upcoming anger you can even recognize that you know that “feeling” — because it is an old feeling.

“I never get upset for the reason I think” is true. I get upset about an old hurt which might have become a pattern. So, it keeps repeating–until you wake up. Some people never do.

  • Possible: Get upset.
  • Impossible: Don’t get upset.
  • Repossible: Get upset and understand why–and do something about it.

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