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I Want Your Life

I Want Your Life

A client just emailed me with just, “I want your life.” I had written her that I made the change to her website, but that I wouldn’t be around much for the rest of the day because we’re in Holland and the Dutch are playing Germany in the Euro Cup and it’s a very important game–the whole country is watching tonight. If Holland loses, it’s almost guaranteed that they won’t move on. I have friends in Germany, but my wife and kids are Dutch.

I tend to think that everyone is like me, has the same level of experience, knowledge, faults and issues. I usually think that I have a bunch of problems and that I do most things wrong–or at least not as well as I could. I need to be reminded that I do things–probably quite a few of them–right. Or at least in the eyes of those asking.

A friend said that for every 1 thing I’m doing wrong in my business, I’m doing 99 right. That’s good to hear, I need to hear it, it’s healthy. I know me, I’ll still focus on getting that 1 thing “right” also, but I need to remember the things I’m doing right–and enjoy them.

Speaking of which, the game is starting. Hup Holland hup!

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