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I Wonder If I’ll Get More Friends

I Wonder If I’ll Get More Friends

I can’t help it, this one line just has me reeling: I Wonder if I’ll Get More Friends.

I can’t stop thinking about yesterday’s post (I Am, I Love, I Cry, I Worry, I Try, I Wonder, I Hope). This has go to be the most honest, innocent, gut-wrenching, tear-jerking, soul-searching line I’ve read in some time. My first thought it, “Oh, how sweet: friends.” A little 9-year old’s world. But is it?

Isn’t it, in some form or another, what we all want?

What do friends do? They make you happy–you make them happy. They recognize you, praise you, are honest with you, keep you in line, love you–and you back to them. My 9-year old is, I’m guessing, thinking about his classroom, maybe the whole third grade, maybe even a few kids in fourth or second grade. But we adults are looking for the same thing: on Facebook, at parties, at work, while traveling, while living.

We’re looking for recognition, honesty, and respect. But respect from those we admire is most important.

I want those I love to be happy

Of course, this affects me so deeply because my son wrote it. So have someone you love write it. See what they say, talk about it, discuss it, see what’s behind it. “I Wonder” to me is so dreamy, but I can’t figure out if it’s hopeful or dreadful. I hope he’s positive about it, I hope he’s just hoping for more (good) friends. He knows he has them, but maybe he wants to make sure the stockpile is always replenished, that it stays at a good level. Don’t we all? Maybe we’re more optimistic that our long-time friends will stick around. Maybe we know they won’t, maybe we know who our good friends are.

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