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Was rolling at the beginning, but then I … just didn’t care anymore.

It’s been one reason I’ve been writing these reviews: to answer the question, “Why do I like a book?” Or any book, or any story for that matter. Or anything of interest in your life.

Do you care what happens to the character? If not, well, then not.

There’s Paul, then there’s Hal, then Cass, but who am I supposed to care about? I guess Paul? But I didn’t really. Hal was the “bad guy,” Cass was the “victim,” and Paul somewhere in the middle, I suppose. Maybe Paul and Cass’s mother? Or was I just not deep enough into it all to “get it.” That’s often a distinct possibility. But if I don’t get it, then is it the fault of the author or the fault of the depth of my attention and comprehension?

In any case, liked the science of the technology of the twins and the DNA and the fingerprints, but further, I started not to care who really killed Dita. Next!

Scott Turow's latest mystery of twins.

Scott Turow’s latest mystery of twins.

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