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Bad Marketing Advice? Insult your clients before they even step inside!

Bad Marketing Advice? Insult your clients before they even step inside!

I’m going to insult you, then I want you to come into my shop.

It's not even, "Don't have good credit?" No beating around the bush here.

It’s not even, “Don’t have good credit?” No beating around the bush here.

Sounds like a great marketing strategy to me!

Maybe I just don’t get it. Maybe I just don’t know that side of marketing: insult, instill fear, shock, horror, etc. Maybe I’m just too honest, or simple, or just plain dumb. Maybe I should have a worse credit rating so I can get a car at this place.

I apologize, dear bad credit readers. Allow me to redirect this to myself.

I don’t know, “Come on in, coconut curry addicts! You know it’s fattening, but you can’t get enough! Forget the salad, just come in and get your fix!”

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe they’re directing their marketing directly, immediately, and sincerely to their audience. Their audience knows if they have bad credit, they probably know that you need at least not-so-bad credit to get a car, so maybe let’s just stop beating around the bush? Call me what you like, get to the point, let me buy my car with bad credit. Is that it? Am I just clueless and narrow minded?

Maybe if all industries just told it like it is! “You’re a terrible parent!” (magazine) You know you could use some parenting skills, just admit it. This magazine obviously knows that and has some answers for you. I could see an entire Saturday Night Live skit on this. Maybe I should call them. But I should probably insult them in my cover letter, that will certainly get me an interview.

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