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Is President’s Day a Holiday for Entrepreneurs?

Is President’s Day a Holiday for Entrepreneurs?

It’s President’s Day today and I’m just returning from a 3-day ski weekend. A quick check of email to see if there are any emergencies (nope) and I’m done. The work week starts tomorrow. Hope you had a great weekend!

But two emails I glanced at mentioned the holiday. One was from a small business owner who noted, ” …¬†President’s Day,¬†which is not a holiday for us entrepreuers and business owners, alas!” Another was from a corporate client/partner of mine who noted to our joint client that I was out today (so could we make our conference call tomorrow) but she wasn’t off because she worked for a company.

So that adds up to two people who are both working today. One for a “large company” and the other a small business owner. Sure, yes, I get it, the only people not working today work for the post office and government agencies. Well, and public schools–which is my out. If my kids are out, I’m out. They’re in school enough as it is, when they get a day off, we’re going to make the most of it.

If you can make your own hours, then make your own hours.

In fact, I take the same perspective with my lifestyle and my business. My family and my “life” come before work. It’s that simple. If my clients can’t respect that, they probably shouldn’t be my clients. Don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly conscientious and will take care of my client relationships and my client work, but there is a balance. I thought as a small business owner one of the perks was that we get to make our own hours. I know many joke about making the hours 24/7, but I don’t joke about it. Time isn’t something I joke about.

Speaking of time, it’s time to go make some popcorn for the kids and have them teach me how to play Minecraft. Happy President’s Day!

I thought a holiday meant an extra day of skiing? Did I get the wrong memo?

I thought a holiday meant an extra day of skiing? Did I get the wrong memo?


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