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Chapter 9 of “The Secret of Kite Hill” recorded for audiobook release

Chapter 9 of “The Secret of Kite Hill” recorded for audiobook release

There were some grueling pre-production issues (this or Xbox), but the production team motivated and produced!

Someday we'll look back on this and say ...

Someday we’ll look back on this and say …

As project manager (aka dad and slave driver), I should have checked the Gantt chart for the activities planned for today. You see, the kids are allowed to have screen time on weekends and I was proposing we get the audiobook recorded for chapter 9, Li’s chapter. It’s as if we walked four miles to the ice cream shop in the scorching heat, we arrive, open the door to the air-conditioned Shangri-La only to be offered steamed broccoli. “No, really, we’ll have ice cream as soon as we finish this!”

After a rocky start, there were laughs and even, shock, horror, enthusiasm.

My team was not impressed, but I have to hand it to him: he stuck it out and with minimal whimpering, we sat down to record.

He did a few takes without the microphone and it was good practice. He only has a chapter and the chapter is only 5 or 6 paragraphs long. Once his got in stride after a few takes of the first chapter, we were rolling and he was actually, gasp, having fun.

Could we try to do it all in one take? — Li, after having done each paragraph as a separate take.

He got to the paragraph about his brother pooping and he couldn’t hold back his laughing. At first, we did a retake, but I wondered if it might actually be OK to keep it in. We’ll see if we pass the strict audiobook editors and let it through.

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