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What part of your dream life could you already start living today?

What part of your dream life could you already start living today?

Greetings from Athens, Greece, 

We arrived pretty late last night and, if I could manage the willpower, I’d have a great sleep and an even better morning. 

It worked! 

I skipped dinner (see what I then had for lunch today to “make up for it”), we went to bed fairly early, I slept great and needed less sleep (this is what I write about in my lated book “You Don’t Have To“), so I woke up early and wrote two chapters. Woo hoo!

Then my family woke up and we went on an e-bike tour of Athens. 

TRAVEL: This Is What I Really, Really Want

Whatever age you are now, whatever dreams you have, no matter how small or big, what elements of those dreams could you be doing already? 

Sure, there are elements of your “perfect dream” you’re waiting for. PRO TIP: you’ll ALWAYS be waiting for them. 

So why not live the Imperfect Dream starting right now? 

I just recorded a 10-minute love fest from the streets of the Plaka neighborhood in Athens where, as I honest-to-goodness only realized that I am living my dream already as I was recording the video. 

So I’ll ask again: 

What do you really, really want that you could already start doing?

Keep creating.


P.S. This is an episode from my weekly Thursday Thunder video.

P.P.S. In the same vein as “Do What You Want to Do,” I’m going to this retreat in The Netherlands in two weeks (May 10 to 12, 2022): “Business Alignment Retreat.”


Dream Lunch #gyros

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