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The only adaptor you need for your MacBook Air in Europe

The only adaptor you need for your MacBook Air in Europe

You could use all kinds of gadgets to get your MacBook Air charged in Europe. Or spend $7 for a simple, clip-in add on and call it a day.

My MacBook Air plug was falling out of the wall. I propped it up with a book, then I started looking for duct tape (couldn’t find any). I finally found something of a surge protector so I could keep the adaptor vertical (not handing from a wall) and if I leaned it against the table leg and made sure not to nudge it at all, it would work.

I knew there was something removable in that white brick and started a little research. It didn’t take long to see that I could just switch out the plug in the brick itself! Easy to find on Amazon, less easy to get while in a village in Holland. However, even little village in Holland has an electronics store and the next day, the Euro adaptor was mine for a mere 12 Euros. You can find the same one if you remember to get it before you leave in the states (US to Europe Plug Converter Travel Charger Adapter for Apple iBook/MacBook).

I was set. Easy out, easy in, no more falling out of the wall, no more doohickeys that I forget to bring with me anyway. Now I can plug in and feel like a local … even in the small village in Holland.

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