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Markree Castle Book Launch Checklist

Markree Castle Book Launch Checklist

Let’s see: imagine story, write book, hit publish, drown in royalties. We’re done here, right?

It’s mid-November and we’re publishing on Dec. 17, 2015. Maybe it’s time to make a book launch checklist.

This is going to be a Work in Progress and I’m going to list everything below that I think we should and/or are “supposed” to do. We’ll weigh what’s most pressing, what we have time for, what costs money, what costs time, what’s smart and what’s just fun.

NOTE: Wow. As expected, I’m just getting started and this list is already out of control. Good, lots of options! The task is going to be to prioritize and execute. I’m going to publish as is and keep working on it. If you have any good tips, would love to hear about them!

Book Design & Formats

Some people like print, I love audio. For me, it’s really important to get the audio version done. There are lots of other formats, too.

  1. Covers: different sizes for print
  2. Audiobook version: ddd
    2. Whispersync for Voice (Amazon),
  3. Print: CreateSpace (Amazon)
  4. Illustrations: should have kids do it? Someone else? Fiverr?



  1. Markree Castle itself: contact the castle and see if they have any interest in helping with promotion. (11/12/15)
  2. San Francisco: story of local kids writing book with their dad
  3. Beijing: Dec & Dan writing book together with friends from U.S.

Previous Books

  1. The Secret of Kite Hill: I’m supposed to push the first in the series, maybe make it free (or at least temporarily) and promote it.
    1. Reformat: redo Kindle version on Amazon to include links to next books, free offers, downloads, bonus items.
  2. The Secret of Markree Castle: in working on the follow-up book, have found some errors in the Secret book. Need to edit, republish.
    1. Reformat: redo Kindle version with links to Kite Hill as well as next book. Links, deals, etc.


Where to focus efforts? Promoting what? Book sale? Book launch? Pre-sale? What else?

  1. Thunderclap: look into this service for a timed collaboration of social media wallop
  2. Facebook: post
    1. Post about “Live Writing”
    2. Post about NaNoWriMo to follow along
    3. FB Pages: for Repossible, other pages I’m part of
    4. FB Groups: Pat Flynn’s Kindle, Monthly Experiments, Tribe Writers (& TW Premium), NaNoWriMo
    5. FB ads: for pre-order? For launch and sales.
  3. Twitter: xxx
  4. Buffer: set up automatic posting of pre-made posts


What’s worth paying for? What has the biggest bang for the buck?

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Ads
  3. Bing
  4. ?

Writing Groups

Other writers who would be interested in the NaNoWriMo experience, the writing with kids, publishing, etc.

  1. Pat Flynn’s Kindle Facebook Group: great group that’s very receptive to helping fellow writers along the way. In fact, I should share THIS post and get some feedback.
  2. Tribe Writers: been a great group of people
  3. Left Coast Writers: reach out to Linda, let her know what I’m up to
  4. Reddit: writing subreddit, NaNoWriMo subreddit


I wrote this book together with 4 kids. The story of how that process went with the kids is another book in itself. Need to push this angle.

  1. Parenting blogs:
  2. Parenting podcasts:
  3. Parenting magazines:


This book is written by and for kids, after all! How to get it into their hands? Do any kids actually buy books or is more the parents? Where to connect with them?

  1. Uh, In-N-Out? 😉

Book Submissions

  1. Amazon: not exclusive
  2. B&N: formatting,
  3. Kobo: for international
  4. iBooks: Apple

Free Book Promotion Submissions

During the temporary time that the book will be free, could submit to these sites. NOTE: I have no idea if any of these are any good.

  1. Ereaderlove: If you are wanting to submit your free Kindle book, please send us a link to your book below.
  2. Free Stuff Unlimited: Know of a deal that would be great for everyone to know about?
  3. Indie Author News: to have your book featured for our readers and promote your Book with Indie Author News.
  4. Deal Seeking Mom: Would you like to have these great bargains delivered right to your inbox? Join over 100,000 fellow deal seekers and subscribe to Deal Seeking Mom.
  5. Free Books Blog: Download Free Kindle Books and eBooks
  6. Jungle Deals & Steals: “Where it’s all Amazon all the time.” Do you have a free or discounted Kindle book to promote? Please use these submission forms
  7. Penny Pinchin’ Mom:  If you find a deal, I’d love to hear from you!



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