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Ch. 9: Li Goes Deep: A Maze, Spiders, and Pepper

Ch. 9: Li Goes Deep: A Maze, Spiders, and Pepper
This entry is part 9 of 13 in the series Kite Hill

I somehow knew where to go.

Dear Reader,
Again, I am obliged to warn you that the events you are about to hear were transcribed with the greatest attention to detail, but we can only be as knowledgable as the source—in this case, a 10-year old boy. I am only the messenger and as is common knowledge, you can’t shoot the messenger. You have been offered your grain of salt.
The Author

Right away the single tunnel turned into a maze of more tunnels and since I didn’t know where to go, I followed my instinct. You might think that “instinct” is a big word for me, but I know what it means, it means naturally or that I knew what to do because I followed my heart. It’s not everyday that I’m deep in a dark tunnel, but today I was and I somehow knew where to go. That’s what instinct is.

It got darker, but I could still see the outlines of the cave. I could also see what looked like spiders, but giant spiders, like as big as a dog, but a big dog. Not like Pepper, Pepper is small. I wasn’t scared of the spiders. We have lots of spiders in our backyard. My little brother Lu is totally afraid of spiders. When he goes to the bathroom to poop, my mom has to come stand in the bathroom to make sure no spiders come and get him. The whole time he’s pooping. It’s pretty funny if you think about it. Well, I guess it’s not so funny for Lu because he’s scared. Sometimes I’ll help with the spiders, too, but I’ll just kill them. My mom scoops them up in her bare hands and brings them outside. My dad is scared of spiders, too, so it has to be my mom. Don’t tell my dad, he might be offended, but I think he admits it.

If you don’t think about something too much, you won’t get scared. If I thought about the huge spiders too long I’d probably be scared. Now that I mention it, I better stop thinking about them now. I’ve seen it happen with my little brother. He’s not scared of something, then a few minutes later he is.

So before I could think more, I ran past the spider into another cave. The cave was taller here and again somehow lit up, but mostly shadows.

Something pulled my ankles and I fell on the ground, almost right on my face. Smack! I looked back and it was one of the spiders. It had my ankles! I turned around quickly and hit him on the head and knocked it out. Pow! I have been taking karate for two years, maybe that helped. I didn’t want to hang around and see if it would wake up, so I turned around again and ran as fast as I could deeper into the cave, away from the spider.

It was just a few seconds and I saw Lu. Then I saw he was with Pepper! “Pepper!” I cried out and went down on my knees and gave him a hug and a kiss. I gave Lu a hug too. I was happy to see him, I have to admit it.

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