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Mt. Davidson

Mt. Davidson

Off one street and into another world.

I’ve lived here 14 years and there are still so many places I haven’t discovered. This place is just minutes from my house. How have I never been here ?

We need to play tourist in our own cities. Take your visiting cousin and do that “touristy” thing that you’ve never done. Take them to some Top 10 of … something. Even a hike, an off-leash dog park, a view. Or all-three-in-one. It’s just up behind our friend’s house and so we finally went there with the dogs.

Have you explored your own backyard?

Jungle like Thailand. I looked through the trees out to the ocean and it might have been Hawaii (OK, trees + ocean could be anywhere, I suppose). Paths in densely wooded areas with vines crawling up the tall trees might have been Malaysia. But it wasn’t, it was maybe two miles from my house. How do we not see what’s in front of our eyes? When will we do that? Is that the sort of thing you do when you retire? I’m not so sure. I think you just need to do them as part of your daily ritual, find somewhere you haven’t been. Just go there. If it’s nothing special, at least you can cross it off your list. If it’s something special, you can still cross it off your list–and then return.

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