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The Nonfiction Author

The Nonfiction Author

Podcast, course, community, book, …

It’s late November, 2019. 20Booksto50K® Las Vegas conference wrapped last week and here’s what I’m planning:

  • The Nonfiction Author Podcast
  • The Nonfiction Author Course
  • The Nonfiction Author Community (FB?)
  • The Nonfiction Author Book

The conference is, oh, I don’t know, 80% or 90% fiction authors. The thing is, I’m 80% or 90% a nonfiction author.

Although I write some fiction, nonfiction is where my heart is–or maybe it’s where my gut and mind are (that’s another topic).

I’m a big fan of Teach What You Want to Learn. In other words, although I know quite a bit about publishing and promoting nonfiction books (and courses and podcasts), I want to know more. I need to know more. I need to organize my knowledge around it in order to do it more efficiently and effectively.

I need to teach it in order to learn it.

I don’t want to do it alone. Sure, I could do it alone, but I don’t want to. I’ll learn more by joining up with others. Others who know different thing, have other strengths and need other things than I do.

We’ll work together, we’ll be stronger together.

Going to work on an outline now to see if my thoughts and dreams pan out when I have to put it onto paper.

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