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Angels: are they nowhere or everywhere?

Angels: are they nowhere or everywhere?

I’m not sure I believed in angels, but I’m signing up for Angels 101.

I'm not going to let him be nowhere, so I guess that's going to mean he's everywhere.

I’m not going to let him be nowhere, so I guess that’s going to mean he’s everywhere. [Rhodes, Greece]

They say you don’t really understand something until it actually happens to you. You can’t figure out the violin without actually playing it. You don’t know what it’s like to have, ahem, sorry, constant diarrhea until you really have a nasty case. What about something you’re not sure of, but you’d really like to believe in or understand?

What if I just take the stand that now I believe?

Don’t they say that about some profession? I can’t remember which one it is, maybe it’s lots, maybe it’s made up by those who aren’t big fans of the profession.

  1. How do you become a doctor?
  2. Say out loud, “I’m a doctor.”

It’s probably not doctor. Maybe it’s more like a real estate agent or a plumber or a consultant.

So I’m going to state that I believe in angels. I’m not really even sure what angles are outside of Disney films. But whatever you want to call beings of some sort who float around and are somehow part of your life. If I ever wasn’t a believer, maybe it’s only because I didn’t have anyone I knew who was an angel. Now I do.

So now I’m a believer. This is going to be fun.

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