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Only One Thing on My Calendar Today

Only One Thing on My Calendar Today

Not 27 things, but one thing. That’s progress.

Warning: I’ve been cleaning out old Draft posts here. Posts I started, maybe even just a title, but never published. They feel a bit like junk on the floor that needs to be cleaned up. This is clean up.

Wow, it’s good to do some clean up and see if there’s any progress being made. The quote below makes me smile, makes me proud, and gives me hope for the future.

Lee Trevino said this. I strive towards this. Not even close to getting there. — Me, the only text in this Draft post on this site, on March 9, 2011

Lee Trevino isn’t really his name, it’s Leo Babauta, but I could never remember his name so I would refer to him as Lee Trevino. Dorky, I admit, but I know one person on the planet who will get a laugh out of this … 😉 

It seems like forever ago, no, wait, it was forever ago. 2011 might as well have been 2001 or 1991. It just seems like so long ago. I can’t believe I had this site then. I can’t believe I haven’t really looked through draft posts very closely.

I was so impressed that Lee Trevino had just one thing on his calendar. If I remember correctly, I was listening to a podcast where he was interviewed and the interviewer wanted to make sure he (Lee, or Leo) had enough time and Leo said that this interview was the only thing he had on his agenda that day. While listening, I think I had dozens of things on my agenda for that day.

I’m down to a handful these days. It’s improvement, for certain. I talked with a good friend this morning who said his first (work) appointment was at 7 AM yesterday and he got out of the office at 9 PM. Ouch. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. It doesn’t impress me anymore. In fact, I feel almost sorry for them. Not that they work hard, I work hard, but that it’s still so hectic. You just have to think that you’re doing something wrong if you’re working that much. Well, OK, maybe you love your work or you need those clients or whatever, but it’s just a lot of your day.

When someone close to you gets cancer, it just changes your perspective. Dramatically.


That one thing might be walking the dog. That's an excellent day.

That one thing might be walking the dog. That’s an excellent day.

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