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Proposition 37 lost, but now it’s on the map

Proposition 37 lost, but now it’s on the map

Prop 37 lost Tuesday, but it was a battle, not the war.  Before the election, I’m certain that people didn’t even know there was a Prop 37, GMO labeling or maybe even what GMOs are or why they should care. Maybe now they know just a little bit more. Next round of voting, maybe it’ll have a better chance. Maybe the round after that it will win. Who knows, but at least it’s out there, they’ve started the movement. Or even if it’s not a movement, it’s something, it’s a beginning.

Dirty money and dirty tactics may have won this skirmish, but they will not win the war.

I don’t know so much about Prop 37, in fact, if my local super-hero nutritionist Cathy Cohn hadn’t emailed me about it (From the nutritionist’s perspective: Yes on Proposition 37: Required labeling of GMO ingredients), I would have only seen the No on 37 ads in the mail and on TV and maybe, maybe, I would have done a bit more research to find out that a Yes on 37 vote would have been the right thing to do. In fact, if we were all more informed, maybe it would have won–but that’s another topic altogether. Or is it?

Where do movements begin? At the beginning.

This proposition on the ballot, an email from a nutritionist colleague, a post on a website, it has started something. It’s started awareness. If people are aware, they’ll be more informed. When they’re more informed, they make better decisions. Better decisions can lead to (good) change. So how does it start? Just there: at the beginning. You have to start somewhere. A blog post, an email, a website. Anything will do to make a start.

Update from the source: Narrow Loss; Movement Victory!

My son’s birthday cake with an ingredient list that probably wouldn’t fit on the back of this huge beast.

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