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I need to sit in a cafe on a regular basis.

I need to sit in a cafe on a regular basis.

When are you supposed to do those things that you don’t do very often … if you don’t do them very often?

You don’t regret it, you enjoy it, you say you’ll do it, but then … you don’t do it. So what happens? What’s the process that makes it not happen? It’s simple: habit … or lack thereof.

Get out of the house once in a while. On a regular basis. No, really.

I walk the dog (and kids) every morning. It’s a regular thing. It’s a habit … but I have to. I have to get the kids to school and the dog has to get out. So why can’t I just say that I need my cafe visit once a week (or even once a month)? What’s holding me back? What’s not allowing me to do that?


So why don’t we do the things we’d like to do? It’s a mystery of science, maybe of art. Or is it so complicated? Maybe I just don’t want it enough, I just don’t care enough about going to a cafe to make it happen. That’s probably it. Maybe it’s just somewhere in that middle ground of “Yeah, I should do that more often.” like, I don’t know, jogging. Or … writing. Or … going to cafe. Or jogging to a cafe to do some writing.

OK, I’ll stop. Going to enjoy my chai latte.


In a cafe (where I'm rarely) drinking a chai latte (even more rare).

In a cafe (where I’m rarely) drinking a chai latte (even more rare).

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