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Rocks of Chocolate

Rocks of Chocolate

In the land of minerals and ore deposits, rocks can come in all sorts of flavors. Literally.

It was oh-so-appropriate: the little candy store in the small town outside of the national park. Hand-made milkshakes with real milk (way-dee-lish) and bins of candy of all kinds. The Dutchies in the family (that would be most of us) were thrilled to see black licorice (not the wimpy, sweet American kind, but the salty, bitter, cringing Dutch variety).

I was intrigued with the river stones or pebbles or little colorful rocks that I didn’t understand. What were they doing in a candy store? A single sampling and I got it: whoa, yum. Chocolate.

We got some just because it was fun to eat little rocks. OK, full disclosure, both of my kids still eat sand. I just don’t get it, isn’t that one of the worst sensations possible? Sand in the teeth? But none of that here, this was sweet, milky chocolate hidden in colorful and very well done little rocks. Had never seen such a thing. Got a bunch to munch on for our trail hikes and enjoyed every last mini boulder.

It spoils the fun a little when everything is available everywhere, all the time, immediately. Thanks, Amazon.

I was happy to have found this local candy shop near Zion National Park in Utah only to now see that this candy is available on Amazon. Of course, I suppose that pretty much everything is available on Amazon.

Rocks of Chocolate

Rocks of Chocolate

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