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For 2014, I just need to accomplish one thing: scale.

Things need to change in 2014. Not that 2013 or previous years were terrible, but it’s just time. Maybe my son turning 10, maybe it’s just the 7-year itch (with my business), maybe it’s just time to move on and see What’s Next.

One thing that kills me comes from an article from a Denver website design and development shop that closed up and wrote an article that said, in many more words, that their bonus or treasure or winning from doing a great job was to … get to start another job. So that might sound like what work is: you do work and then you do more work. Normal, right? Yes, it is. Work an hour (or a year) and get paid for an hour (or a year). Nothing wrong with that.

But what’s the upside? What are the possibilities? What might happen?

You know exactly what will happen, there are no surprises. But that is a good thing: reliable, stable, easy to understand and predict. But I’ve been there and done that. The danger is that I know how it works, I know how to do it, I also know that it works. It’s income, it pays the mortgage. So how do I change to build something to scale? I need to build something that go beyond the hour worked for the hour earned. Something that is scalable: a product, a service (that doesn’t require me directly), a book, a guide, a course, anything. But anything is part of the problem, it needs to be something. What is that something going to be? That’s what I’ll need to work out in 2014. I’m ready.

If I'm going to build something bigger than me, I'm going to need some help.

If I’m going to build something bigger than me, I’m going to need some help.

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