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Screen Detox

Screen Detox

We’re two weeks on holiday with 6 adults and 4 kids. We’re doing a “screen time detox” meaning no electronic devices allowed for kids. You might not have kids and/or grasp the severity of this, but if you do, you’d understand when the kids basically declared that it was Armageddon. We had a SWAT team swoop down on one girl this morning who, after changing the iTunes playlist, accidentally slipped into a game. We had her hanging by her toenails above the iguana pit, but it was only until dinner. 😉

Exceptions to the Lockdown

  • Movies that we’re all watching (haven’t even done this yet)
  • Football games that grandpa just can’t be without (1 time)
  • Kindles and Nooks (book reading)

So far, we’ve been doing puzzles, playing board games, and the kids have been outside playing soccer, teaching each other cheer leading cheers and hunting for iguanas. Big bonus for me? I’ve already spent more time talking (and joking and rough housing) with my nieces in the past few days than our last few visits with them combined.

I want to get to know my family.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a cumbaya two-week yoga and tie-dye session with our eyes closed chanting. I’m really looking for time that our kids (and the adults) aren’t fixated on little screens for the majority of the time. Why? Because I want to get to know my family. If that’s cumbaya, then fine, so be it. If it means I get to learn something about my niece, I’ll take it.

Puzzles in Puerto Rico

Puzzles in Puerto Rico


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