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If you highlight and take notes on your Kindle, you’re going to fall in love.

Easily share your highlights from your Kindle.

Easily share your highlights from your Kindle.

No joke: I met this morning with my business partner and I was ready to tell him the several step method to share snippets from highlighted passages on your Kindle. I was excited that I figured it out and knew how to do it–I’m a Kindle fanatic (The line at the post office is too short.). Here’s the basic process:

  1. Highlight on your Kindle (or in a Kindle app). Let it sync.
  2. Log into your Amazon account for the Kindle content (
  3. Find your list of all highlights from all books (which is nice … but a bit much) or find your book and then your highlights
  4. Select text you’d like to share with your mouse/trackpad
  5. Copy text
  6. Paste into email or text message etc.
  7. Send and share

My partner said, “Uh huh. Watch this.” He opens his app and does what I just did in about 5 seconds:

  1. Open Snippefy app on phone
  2. Choose book
  3. Share highlights (via email, message, save as text, save to Dropbox, Evernote etc.)

If you’d like to just share a single highlight, you can do that, too. Just choose that highlight and share. Boom, done, thank you! Or you can share all of your highlights from your entire book.

This is one of those apps that I wish I had invented. That is, if I had thought of it, built it, and followed through.

I highlight on my Kindle like a madman. It’s one of my favorite features of the device. In fact, I love highlighting on any device and seeing the highlights on other devices. If I had had this in university, ash, the potential! Maybe I would have done better in accounting … (I still don’t get accounting). I hope the founder (Nathan Liao) can promote this to schools or research organizations as it truly can enhance your learning and comprehension.

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