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Someone should do something about that.

Someone should do something about that.

What if that someone is you?

When Boyan Slat was 16, he was diving in Greece where he saw more plastic than fish. He could have said to himself, “Whoa, that sucks,” come up for air, headed to the beach, had a shot of Ouzo and fell asleep on the sand to save his energy for all-night dancing. He decided to focus his energy elsewhere. Four years later, here’s a bit of his bio:

Boyan Slat has been recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide (Intel EYE50), and was crowned 2014 Champion of the Earth, the United Nations’ highest environmental accolade. In 2015, HM King Harald of Norway awarded Boyan the maritime industry’s Young Entrepreneur Award. — The Ocean Cleanup

Where do you focus your energy? What do you do when you say to yourself, “Someone should do something about that.” What if you say, notice the emphasis, “Someone should really do something about that.”

He was 16 and he started an organization and a global movement. He was just backed by Marc Benioff (he’s the founder of and has raised 2 million dollars. He is currently spearheading the largest clean-up operation of the oceans ever. By a long shot.

You don’t need to be 16. You don’t need to start a global movement. But when you say–or even think quietly to yourself–someone should do something about that … do something.

  • Possible: say that someone should do something
  • Impossible: do everything
  • Repossible: do something


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