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Repossible | Spark

Repossible | Spark

Write a short book with your kids, ignite their creativity, and change your relationship forever

As we rocket upwards and onwards with our own selves, we’re going to take what might seem like a detour but is actually more of rocket fuel.

Spark sneaks into the Repossible lineup to cooperate, coordinate, and collaborate.

For seven books, we’ve been focusing on ourselves, our greater selves, and everything in between.

We’ll get back to “us” but this book takes us beyond the “us” of you and me and reaches out a hand to someone we’re going to lift up.

Spark began after years of people asking me to put together some sort of guidelines or workshop or at least a book to help them do what my kids did: write a short book.

I sat on the red chair in the living room with my 8-year-old son having just read a not-all-that-great children’s book. “We could do better than that,” he said. Three weeks later we had a book on Amazon.

— From Spark

What came out of that time wasn’t just a book but an experience, a relationship, an adventure between father and sons (my other son, then 10 joined us). We went on to write four more books together and recently I teamed up with my 17-year-old nieces to write two more books.

The emotions and power and we felt are almost too much for words. But hey, I’m an author, I can find the words. I’m going to go bullet points on your here because they are flowing out of me faster than I can put into sentences.

  1. Pride
  2. Purpose
  3. Meaning
  4. Joy
  5. Tears
  6. Accomplishment
  7. Chance
  8. Hope
  9. Trust
  10. Power

That list of 10 took me all of 10 seconds.

Spark has become a workshop where we write a short book (or create “something from nothing”) or song or film or _____________ and we do it together. That’s it.

I don’t have many rules but one is of utmost importance:

Get It Done.

I go on and on about mathematics but there are only two numbers you really understand: 0 and 1.

0 is zero is nothing is before you get started.

1 is one is that first step and it’s all you need to get to the finish line.

You keep adding 1 to another 1 and soon you have several and you have a book or a song or a film and when the month is up or your just feel it (whichever comes first), you’re done.

I’m also a stickler for Getting It Done because, and this might sound a little odd if this is your first book we’ll be doing together, but I want this first book to be your worst book ever.

Why? Because we’ll improve with each book.

Do you know what you can’t improve on? I’m going back to math here. You can’t improve on nothing.

Do you know what you can do with nothing?


Which is where the Spark comes in. We spark the creativity in another human (usually someone younger, maybe related to you) to get them going, to lead them along, to be their guiding light.

We have a (private) Facebook group of moms, dads, uncles, and rockstars who have now written books with their kids, created films with them, and formed relationships and bonds that will withstand the tests of time.

If I’m asked in which of the Repossible books my heart lies, it’s Spark.

You’ll see, all of this personal development is great and all but when you can help someone else, when you extend your reach to another human and lift them up, even if just to get up from the floor, you’ll feel a bolt of lightning strike and a rumble of thunder will rattle your heart like nothing you could have ever done on your own.

That’s Spark. It’s my love. It’s my baby. I’m sharing it with you.

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