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Let’s Start Things Off Grand

Let’s Start Things Off Grand

A two-billion year-old canyon sprinkled with powdered sugar.

An employee of the Grand Canyon Railroad said that it was her first time seeing the canyon dusted in snow. She’d worked there for many years, but had just never managed to get here there when the snow had just fallen. It was a new year, a new snow, and a new beginning. She apologized to the train travelers about the lack of visibility, but I didn’t think an apology was necessary in the least. She said she had only seen the snow covered cliffs in photos and paintings, but today she saw it with her own eyes “in 3D.”

I heard talk of how it was a pity about the weather. I thought it was a blessing.

With something as unpredictable and untouchable about the weather, I’m not sure how people get so tied up in knots about it. The weather is what it is, moaning and especially apologizing about it isn’t going to help–in fact, it will make it worse. It’s still really all perspective. Sure, we couldn’t see 60 miles across the plains, but we could see one of the wonders of the planet with a sprinkling that, apparently, not many get to see with their own eyes.

We all saw it and snapped loads of photos to keep the memories with us. But as she said, even our own photos aren’t in 3D. I’ll try to bring home the depth, chill, and beauty of the canyon home with me to cherish for as long as I can.

The dusting of snow gave it a whole other beauty.

The dusting of snow gave it a whole other beauty.

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