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Steal a Moment of Creativity

Steal a Moment of Creativity

Even a little burst of creativity can energize your day.

Even if it's just a dash, grab some.

Even if it’s just a dash, grab some.

It’s a bit like a sprint or even a brisk walk. It can wake up your mind, your spirit, and even your body.

I’m in between an appointment and heading back to the office. I have maybe an hour. In fact, I don’t really have any time, I’m just going to steal a little. Just a bit of work on a scene for our friends the leprechauns of Markree Castle. What are they up to? What scene might come from an hour at a cafe?

I don’t need to start and finish a novel. No plans to solve complex algebraic equations. In fact, I have no goals. Bit of blank paper and … chapter one of the next kids book in the Li & Lu series. It’s been tugging at my creative coat strings for the past few weeks and I haven’t made the time to get to it. So now, in between one thing and the other, a perfect time to steal away just a few minutes for a bit of creativity.

Just see where it takes you. Get a few lines down. Maybe a bit of dialogue. What are those characters saying to each other? If you only have an hour, get in just a tiny scene, a sliver of a moment in the story. Or whatever you’re working on: just do a little, just a sip, just a taste, a teaser.

Tease … Yourself

No one probably knows of your creative habit, so you’re not stealing away time from anyone else. You are your own judge, your biggest fan–and most vocal critic. Put them all aside and use these precious minutes as if you just found them on the sidewalk. What would you do with such newfound time?

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