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Taste Buds are Most Active Mid to Late Morning

Taste Buds are Most Active Mid to Late Morning

Granted, I’m actually AT Anchor Steam Brewery on a secret Saturday night tour (shhhhh), but our docent (slash bartender) says that a freshly poured brew at 11AM tastes better than that same brew at 7PM. But it’s also because it’s unexpected, it’s almost taboo, but that’s what makes it special, out of the ordinary, unique. If you do it everyday, it’s no longer special, but if it’s your secret adventure, let it thrive. Just don’t tell everyone.

But the staggering conviction comes from the artisan, the craftsman, the guy who talks with flair and deep knowledge of his work as we circle around him like kids around a campfire story and revel in his every enchanted historical poem only skimming the surface of his passion.

(I’m secretly infatuated with people who are not-so-secretly passionate about their craft.)

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