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Can you teach gratitude?

Can you teach gratitude?

If you don’t feel gratitude, can it be learned?

We try not to spoil our kids, but it’s inevitable. Or is it? Is it our society or is it us? Do we need to bring them to the poverty of Africa to learn what appreciation is? No one is “forcing” us to give them gifts. When did they cross the line and become thankless? Do we need the thank you? Is that what we’re searching for? Is that what we need? Is that why we give, to get thanks? If so, we’re bound to be disappointed. But we give to give out of love. Right?

How much is too much? Where do you draw the line?

How do you know how much to give? How can you teach gratitude? Is there a book? Is there a method? How does one learn the value of something? The power and beauty of giving, in fact, the idea that giving is more important (and even more fun and more pleasurable) than receiving? Does it just come with time? Will it get worse or better? How much of an influence do we play?

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